How Could I Didn’t Know

This brigt of evening, I’m getting my new learning. This learning is about how can we speak in this world. Not only how to speak effectively to others but also this manner of speaking is about how we can speak as Allah satisfied, as Rasulullah Muhammad saw taught us so far away.

But surely, while I’m reading the translation of these manners, I’m thinking about the question: “So, How could I didn’t now for a long time ago?” 😦 Depend on this fact, yaa.. You know me so well, right… 😀 Now I’ll share these methods to all of you, sincerely. As much as I learnt recently, these methods are so best.

There are 13 methods that you can learn about.
Hope you all will get the best value to be the best believer. Hmm, not only The believer but also truely believer.

So here you are. Let Allah’s guidance hold us and save us to go to the straight path. Truely our path in Jannah. Paradise, the dreams come true. Our dream to this world…

Really! Positively check it and also read about it carefully.